People are Our Most Important Asset

IRT Living is proud to introduce you to the senior leaders in our company. These professionals bring extensive knowledge and experience across a variety of disciplines and offer strategic direction to the company.

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Meet Our Team

Photo of Scott F. Schaeffer
Scott F. Schaeffer

Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President

Photo of Jim Sebra
Jim Sebra

Chief Financial Officer

Photo of Jason Delozier
Jason Delozier

Chief Accounting Officer

Photo of Shelle Weisbaum
Shelle Weisbaum

General Counsel

Photo of Mike Daley
Mike Daley

EVP Operations and People

Photo of Josh Kulick
Josh Kulick

EVP Technology and Innovation

Photo of Janice Richards
Janice Richards

SVP Operations

Photo of Pete Rushing
Pete Rushing

SVP Sales and Marketing

Photo of Greg Marks
Greg Marks

SVP Business Development

Photo of Jason Lynch
Jason Lynch

SVP Acquisitions and Dispositions

Photo of Mike Kernan
Mike Kernan

SVP Redevelopment

Photo of Chantee Gibson
Chantee Gibson

VP Strategic Operations

Photo of Kate Grasso
Kate Grasso

VP Operations | South East

Photo of Tiffany Maciejack
Tiffany Maciejack

VP Operations | South Central

Photo of Erica Reinke
Erica Reinke

VP Operations | Mid West

Photo of Fred Kapel
Fred Kapel

VP Human Resources